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Hey man, now it's been almost a year, and i still keep coming back to this game but i cant solve it. It just doesnt let me go. I only once found the path that leads away from the 1st area (i think?), but i cant even do that anymore. Could you pleaseee give me at least a hint how to solve this? Like what even does the crouching do? Please i want to at least know how to get to the 2nd area again :)

I'm so glad you like my game! :D

The best clues I could come up with are given by the glowing books found around the map (like the 3 in the barn). There are 12 in the main area (in front of the barn), and 16 total. Did you find them all?

Crouching is just to walk more slowly. It's not important for completing the game. :)

You didn't mention the campfire, so I will tell you that it's very important to reaching the 2nd area!

Have fun! :D

lmao :D

i love the visuals and the overall feel of this game, really well done! Could you by any chance upload a full "solution video"? I keep walking in circles, but I'm still eager to know the ending to this game :)

I'm glad you're enjoying the game!

I don't plan to upload a solution video. I'm very curious to see if anyone will work it out for themselves. :)

Creepy, but the game would go better with jumpscares but eerie squaks is good too.

This is mebefore i play, i want some serious scares for the people standing behind me

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I played your game and it was Extremely scary

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed it. :)

welcome. Hope you made more cool games like this